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Tushar Mathur

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Tushar Mathur
Podcast Host
Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Tushar Mathur
Founder and CEO of Tailcall
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Today we're talking about bridging the gap between back end development and front end experience. Our guest is Tushar Mathur, and he's the Founder and CEO of Tailcall, an open-source platform for building GraphQL APIs on existing endpoints.

As you might imagine, we take the opportunity to ask Tushar about the ever expanding API sprawl currently going on. He believes that we should perhaps abandon the holistic approach to the problem, for a solution more grounded in engineering.

We also dive into the challenges of scaling as a company, and how success can sometimes make demands if you're not sure you can meet. A good problem to have, but a very real one nonetheless.

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