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Veronica Breene

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Veronica Breene
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Richard Roger
Voxgig Founder
Podcast Guest
Veronica Breene
CEO and Founder of Vesta Insights

Today, we’re taking a step across the border between DevRel and AI, and seeing what the AI side of things has to offer. Our guest is Veronica Breene, CEO and Founder of Vesta Insights. Vesta is an AI startup looking to increase the availability of credit for all.

Veronica began working on the company under her phD in explainable AI, and when she was rapidly approached by a potential buyer, she realised that she might just have something special on her hands.Both Vesta’s mission, and their methods are fascinating. According to Veronica, huge numbers of low-income people are refused credit every year, despite research showing that those with lower incomes often make better decisions with the money available to them.

So they’re out to find the patterns in these data sets, and challenge the outdated models used by the biggest financial institutions in the world. The results of this could be huge. With millions currently locked out of the mortgage market, this work has the potential to touch a huge variety of different aspects of modern life.

Veronica’s work is both fascinating and important, and we’re so glad she took the time to sit down and take us through it.

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