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Willie Nicol

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Willie Nicol
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Richard Roger
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Willie Nicol
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Willie Nicol, police officer turned life coach, chats to Richard about turning fear of public speaking into fun, how hypnotherapy works online and his ambition to do a TED talk.

Willie Nicol is a life coach with an unusual background – he was a police officer in the Scottish police force for thirty-one years. In a Fireside Chat with Richard that crackled with dynamism, he shared his no-nonsense approach to life coaching.

As a member of the National Speakers Association, he helps people overcome public speaking nerves and turn fear into fun. He chats to Richard about turning public speaking fear into fun, and about how watching yourself on video gives you the edge when you're preparing your speeches. He also reveals his ambition to give a TED talk in the future.

Have a look at Willie's vlog about overcoming fear of public speaking on the Techno Dinosaur YouTube channel here.

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