Voxgig supporting TechFoundHer Christmas Sparkle event 2023

TechFoundHer is an organisation created in response to the specific challenges women tech founders face trying to get their ideas and businesses off the ground. One particular challenge is the pressure to create a minimum viable product in a timely and cost effective way, without compromising intellectual property and retaining the ability to scale the MVP. So at Voxgig, we came up with a suggestion, enabled by our maintenance of the Seneca JS open source framework.

An MVP built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. 

We speak your language.

Voxgig is a software consultancy based in Waterford. We maintain an open source framework, (Senecajs.org) which enables us to quickly assemble quality code. 

Voxgig will build your minimum viable product (MVP) in a flexible, budget friendly way. 

So, what do you get?

  • Voxgig offers an eight (8) week build out, broken down to six (6) weeks of development time and two (2) weeks of refinement after the MVP goes live. 
  • During the build process, you will receive a weekly demo which will allow you to give feedback and make any adjustments or changes you feel are needed to match your needs for your MVP. 
  • The standard MVP is a web app; a mobile app is available if you have additional time & budget. But talk to us, you may not need mobile at this stage. 
  • We offer a fractional CTO to assist and guide your technical roadmap, giving you the knowledge to explain your technical plans to investors and funders. 

Sounds good? Great!

Drop us a line at info@voxgig.com or find us on LinkedIn

We’ll talk to you about your needs, which will help us understand which parts of the open source framework are most useful to your MVP.